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How to learn Web3 in easy steps

I know why you want to know what Web3 is all about. I didn’t know what Web3 was all about a few months ago. I understand how confusing Web3 can be. Every time you scroll through the internet or social media, Web3 keeps popping up. Yes, I know because I’ve seen loads of content about the topic. Web3 is the big thing in tech now. Early adopters have known about it for a while, but many people are just getting to know about it.

I’ve watched numerous YouTube tutorials, read articles on different platforms, and social media posts. After necessary research, I came up with easy basic teaching on how to learn Web3. I hope that it will be valuable to you as well.

Before you get into learning about Web3, you have to understand the idea. I’ll be bringing together the most basic information about starting on Web3 in a simple explanation with steps on how you can achieve this if you are just a beginner.

What is Web 3?

Web3 is also called Web 3.0. It is a third generation in the development of web technologies powered by blockchain.

The web we are using currently, also known as the World Wide Web is Web 2 and it is the first original surface for how the internet is used for providing website and application services. It is controlled by big-shot companies like Google, Meta, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Web3 changed the pattern of things by splitting this control between users and creators. In the world of web3, there is no data owner the way we do in Web2; instead, the community owns the data. Today, large corporations hold our data and profit from it. In Web3 we have companies like Binance, Ripple, Coinbase, Project Galaxy, etc.

You can start using the Web3 platform now that you are aware of what it is all about. You must learn at your own pace because there are many new technologies to learn under it. It is quite easy to become overwhelmed.

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How to start learning Web3 for free.

You can get started by learning the fundamentals of Blockchain technology. A blockchain is an enormous network of computer systems that contains a digital record of transactions. Although the ideas underlying Web3 technology can be fairly complicated, blockchains themselves are somewhat understandable. In layman’s language, blockchain is nothing more than a shared database. Blockchains keep track of all of the transactions that have taken place between parties in a public forum.

You’ll need to invest some time in blockchain to understand what you’ll later build on. Once you have a grasp of this, start learning from Bitcoin and Ethereum Whitepapers. You can understand them by searching on Google. Google will feed you with books, videos, and articles. Focus on knowing a general idea rather than getting burdened by the technical terms included in those papers.

In this Web3, we have two main categories of blockchain developers, which are:

Core blockchain developers who are at the core. The architecture of blockchain systems is created and maintained by core blockchain developers.

Blockchain software developer: blockchain software developers build applications on top of pre-existing blockchain systems.

Once you are familiar with the basics of blockchain technology, you may go on to design any software, which is what the majority of blockchain organisations need. You have ample capacity to explore anywhere there is a need.

What can a blockchain developer do?

As a blockchain developer, you can create decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts that are based on the technology, as well as know its framework and regulations. The main scheme behind the existence of the blockchain development industry is smart contracts. The creation of 3D designs, models, and content for exploitation in games falls under the purview of these software developers. They also handle front-end and back-end development.

How long does it take to learn Web3?

The learning phase is different for everyone. For someone who is not familiar with any technological concept, learning Web3 might take ages. If you are already a web developer, software engineer, data analyst, etc., it might be easy for you to get into Web3 and master it in one month or less.

The top 6 skills you need to master for Web3

You must become familiar with the skills and knowledge expected by blockchain technology in order to interact with the web3 ecosystem.

Brush up on Blockchain basics & Ethereum

The very first skill to learn about is blockchain and the kind you can work with. In order to interact with the web3 ecosystem, you must get familiar with the blockchain technology that supports it.

Blockchain authoring, analysis, python, blockchain architecture, and many more abilities are necessary. In addition, Ethereum and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) enable you to develop smart contracts in Solidity or even a number of other languages. This is why, in this article, I listed the Blockchain and Ethereum Whitepapers as the first things you have to learn in Web3.

Writing Smart Contracts.

Writing and creating a real smart contract is the next thing you should do once you have a thorough understanding of blockchain and Ethereum ideas. A smart contract is a piece of code that is submitted to the blockchain and run by blockchain nodes using a coding language like Solidity.


The Ethereum blockchain uses Solidity innately. Writing and creating smart contracts makes code essentially run on its own and lessens the need for human intervention in a variety of applications.

Finance (Money Management)

Given its timing component, which is directly connected to the time value of money, interest rates, and other related topics, finance is significant to the global economy and is essential to the Web3 ecosystem. In Web3, financial expertise entails using projected cash flows to support current initiatives through the use of debt and credit, stocks, and assets. This is why there are finance jobs like Crypto Accountant, Director of Finance, Senior Finance Analyst, etc., on Web3.

Software Developer Skills

Software developer skills are the technical abilities needed to create efficient Web3 programmes and applications. Writing source code — the collection of words and symbols that makes a programme run — involves a lot of arithmetic knowledge, problem-solving abilities, good time management abilities, precision, and attention to detail. There are many diverse talents to acquire, including those for software solutions and data centers.


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