Політика конфіденційності

This privacy policy applies to the use of this website.

Data Processing

The National Industrial Portal has the right to privacy of site visitors and recognizes the importance of protecting your personal data. Users do not need to submit for "National Industrial Portal" your personal data for use of this site.

At the same time, when visiting this website, the Internet browser transfers each visitor to the server "National Industrial Portal" certain information, including the date and time of the visit, the name of the requested webpage, the page from which the user comes, the web browser used and the operating system, the device's IP address and the size of the data transmitted. This information is stored in communication journals for a limited time to ensure the safety and proper operation of the website, as well as for the collection of statistical information.

This site does not use cookies or other tracking technology.

User messages

Якщо Ви надішлете на "National Industrial Portal" message by e-mail or other communication channel "National Industrial Portal" can save this message to process your request. Most emails are deleted after responding to them. In case of occurrence in "National Industrial Portal" a legal obligation to disclose information received from users in the judicial or administrative process, "National Industrial Portal" will take all necessary measures for the deletion of personal data from information in the presence of such an opportunity.