Ukraine restores construction of the cornerstone of the 58250 project for the Ukrainian Navy

  • Ukraine reinstate the state target defense program to create a new Ukrainian corvette for Naval Forces.

    In the 2017 year, funding for the "corvet" program should amount to over 1 billion USD, - said Deputy Defense Minister Igor Pavlovsky.

    Also, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a General-Army Viktor Muzhenko NotedThat if the existing problems are solved, a new corvette for the Naval Forces of Ukraine can be completed for 3-4 years. Informs National Industrial Portal.

    As Pavlovsky, who was quoted by the agency "Interfax-Ukraine", The military department is currently negotiating with Sudprom for the transfer of a contract for the construction of a corvette concluded with the Black Sea Shipbuilding Authority in 2009.

    "There are already four companies that want to build a corvette," he said, highlighting among the candidates for the "Research and Design Center for Shipbuilding".

    He recalled that the new Ukrainian corvette is intended to carry out tasks in the operational zone of the Black and Mediterranean Seas.


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