New Ukrainian stations of electronic warfare successfully dismantle the latest Russian unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Ukrainian REB stations "Enclave" successfully dismantle the latest Russian drones in the Donbass.

    This is in the interview UNIAN the head of the Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament Valentin Badrak said.

    "I said to a private company" Holding company "Ukrspetstechnika" including it created the latest radar station "Malachite", which has seriously been used during the war in Donbass ", - he said.

    Also, according to Badrak, "Ukrspetstekhnika" began to develop systems aimed at destroying unmanned aviation complexes of the enemy.

    "They managed to create such an" Enclave "system, which effectively disables foreign unmanned machines. This is a very serious complex operating at a distance up to 40 km, and in fact these systems were put into the army during the war ", - said the expert.

    As the military expert noted, Ukrainian radar stations demonstrated in practice the ability to disable the latest Russian unmanned aerial vehicles.