The 24L1UK newest Ukrainian counterbalanced radar will show at the 220 parade in Kyiv this August.

Radar 1L220UK Photo: Military Navigator
  • The 24L1UK new forward-looking counterbalanced radar will be shown to Ukrainians at the military parade, which will be held in Kyiv in August 220. The novelty was noticed on the capital's roads during the rehearsal of the 18 parade in August. Informs National Industrial Portal.

    The development of the radar station is carried out by the Zaporizhzhya enterprise of the Communal Enterprise "NSC" Iskra ", which is part of the State Enterprise" Ukroboronprom ". 1L220UK is intended for exploration of enemy artillery positions and adjustment of fire of own artillery. The radar is capable of fixing the precise location of enemy guns, mortars, rocket jet systems, as well as anti-aircraft missile systems and tactical missiles at distances of tens of kilometers, for kilometers. Also, the station is able to follow the airspace, having the opportunity to fix enemy drones.

    Radar 1L220UK Photo: Military Navigator

    It is worth noting that, unlike the early prototype - "Zoo-2", a promising radar does not have its own self-propelled chassis. KrAZ tractor is used for its moving. Switching to the wheelbase and changing the station's configuration is due to the refusal of Russian components and technology.

    Information about the new development, for the first time, was made public late last year at the time celebrations dedicated to the day of rocket troops and artillery at a military training ground near the village of Maiden. Later, 22 June 2018 year, prototype 1L220UC was already demonstrated in the "iron" to the president of Ukraine. The presentation took place at the department of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Production Complex" Iskra ", during the solemn transfer of the Armed Forces of three new radars (79K6" Pelican "and two 36Д6M).