At the international exhibition MSPO-2017 presented a new Polish-Ukrainian tank PT-17


The latest PT-17 tank, which was the result of a deep modernization of the tank T-72 by Ukrainian and Polish experts, was presented at the international exhibition of the defense industry MSPO-2017 in order to demonstrate its capabilities to a potential customer, the Ministry of Defense of Poland.

In April 2017 of the year, within the framework of the concluded contracts, the Ukroboronprom members and the Polish company Zaklady Mechaniczne "Bumar-Labedy" SA began joint work of modernization of the tank T-72. The proposal for a partnership to create a new product came from the Polish side, but it should be noted that Poland and Ukraine have a large enough park of Soviet T-72 tanks.

In order to implement this project, Ukroboronprom has begun the integration of the best Ukrainian technological developments, namely: it has developed and provided automatic charging, a new engine, transmission, modernized the engine and transmission division of the tank, the latest 120 mm guns, a fire control system, auxiliary power plant, a system of dynamic protection, a demonstration tower. All these domestic experts have developed in accordance with NATO standards, because today the Polish Defense Ministry, a NATO member state, is a potential customer of a new tank.

"This project is a clear signal and a demonstration of Ukraine's ability to participate in such large-scale and technologically-sophisticated projects. An important element of this cooperation is that the future tank will be created in accordance with NATO standards, and Ukrainians have developed and are ready to manufacture key components in accordance with these standards. This shows not only the availability of scientific and technological and production potential, but that such systems and standards in the future can be easily integrated and implemented in other Ukrainian engineering. It could also be the start of the renovation of the Ukrainian Army with the "Native" technique, "said Roman Romanov, General Director of the Ukroboronprom.

  • In turn, the Polish side noted that it was shocked by the efficiency of Ukrainian specialists who, after less than 5 months, developed, manufactured and supplied all components, components and components to MSPO-2017, a full-scale presentation of the new tank was held.

    The positive decision of the Polish Ministry of Defense to purchase the PT-17 tanks will allow Ukrainian companies to participate in a large-scale project for the rearmament of the Polish Army, which is estimated at several hundred million dollars.

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