Photo: National Guard of Izmail received a new special equipment


In Izmail near the Palace of Culture named after. T.G. Shevchenko held a solemn presentation of the new technology 4 battalion military unit of the 3012 National Guard of Ukraine.

The event was attended by vice-mayor of Izmail Serhiy Batkilin, as well as Sergey Mahotin, deputy head of the Central Executive Committee in the Odessa Oblast on public security.

The officers of the National Guard were transferred three special armored cars "Warta" and two patrol cars Renault Duster. InformsNational Industrial Portal, With reference toCourier Publishing House.

  • Special equipment "Warta" operational units of the battalion will be used for mass events, as well as to assist other military structures, mainly border guards.

    Patrol car guards will be used to carry out public order services both in the city and beyond (Kielia, Bolgrad, Reni, Artsiz), as well as in the case of assisting National Police staff operating in the "Tsunami" system under the operator 102 . The cars are equipped with air conditioning, as well as sound and sound devices with LED panels of the "arrow" type.

    It should be noted that the officers of the National Guard, who have been trained along with the patrol police and the National Police in Odessa, will soon begin to call the calls.

    According to the deputy commander of the military part of 3012 to work with the personnel of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Zabolotny, the battalion needs at least four more patrol cars to respond promptly to challenges.

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