Bangladeshi Army intends to buy 680 armored vehicles "Kozak-2m" and "Ataman"

  • The General Directorate for Defense Procurement (DGDP) concludes an advantageous contract with Delta Defense, a Turkish company, to supply 680 light armored vehicles with the aim of standardizing Ukrainian armored vehicles. It reports Defence-Blog.

    The Turkish company supplies modified Ukrainian armored vehicles constructed in accordance with the tender requirements of the Bangladesh Army.

    According to the source, the Bangladesh army hopes to purchase 600 Tur-K2 and 80 Tur-K3 multifunction armored vehicles. They will be delivered by phases, the first 100 armored vehicles in 2018 year, another 150 in 2019 year and all others up to 2022 year.

    Тур-К2 XCHARX українська броньована машина типу XCHARXКозак-2мXCHARX, яка виконана на базі на вантажівки 4х4 Iveco Eurocargo. Tur-K3 XCHARX це бронетранспортер Отаман.

    The Ukrainian company has refused to confirm this information.

    Some sources reported that the Ukrainian company "PRACTIKA" together with the Turkish company "Delta Defense" is in the negotiation phase, and the contract is not signed.

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    1. It's too early to write something. The contract can not yet be concluded. But in principle, the withdrawal of private defense companies to foreign markets in an alliance with defense is the future of our technological progress and the capitalization of these companies and the group as a whole. Private traders have more flexibility and great offer generates competition and quality. In turn, Ukroboronprom can offer private traders such as practices and smithies on their own fishing gears. Military modules, wiring, intelligence, etc. And the mother has a share in each contract.


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