The Ukrainian start-up Ptax creates extra-large shells for drones


Ukrainian Andriy Ipatov with his startup Ptax plans to enter the US market

The demand for sturdy trunks is rather high, because the interest in drones does not go down, both among the pro, and among fans. The plans of Ukrainians are to establish mass production of superstructures and components for the US market.

Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to NaChasi

  • Andrew's development can be ordered on the own site of the startupPtax. The idea of ​​serial production and sale to the inventor came from when he built an experimental model for himself, after the failure of the purchased dron. Subsequently, the first developments were presented at Ukrainian racing competitions on quadrocycles.

    In his model, the designer used the skills of 3D modeling, design and engineering education. Testing the first drones showed the reliability of the frames and the drones themselves.

    Andrey considers the main market for sales and wants to establish contacts with the American consumer - for this he went to a number of cities in the United States.

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