Space company FireFly Aerospace with R & D center in the Dnieper received the first order to launch a carrier rocket

  • In June 2018, FireFly Aerospace announced the signing of an Alpha launch service for Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL).

    Informs National Industrial Portal, Referring to the press service of the company.

    The document, concluded between the company of Ukrainian Max Poljakov and SSTL, refers to six launches in the period from c 2020 to 2022 year. It is precisely the use of a small Alpha carrier rocket that will allow the Surrey Satellite Technology Limited satellites to be placed without difficulty in the orbit they need.

    So, SSTL became the first client of FireFly, which placed orders for full-scale launches. According to Sarah Parker, managing director of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, the approach offered by FireFly Aerospace will provide customers with convenient, affordable, and reliable space access.

    She also added that SSTL is not going to limit itself to this order and is confident that after successful implementation of the CARBONITE-4 mission at the beginning of 2020, cooperation between FireFly and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited will continue.