Kiev Polytechnic Institute. I. Sikorsky together with the Energy Alliance will produce space products

  • KPI them Igor Sikorsky and Alliance "New Energy of Ukraine" signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

    Своїми підписами документ скріпили ректор університету академік НАН України Михайло Згуровський та голова правління Альянсу Валерій Боровик. Повідомляє National Industrial Portal, з посиланням на прес-службу КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського.

    Participation in the signing ceremony was given by Pavlo Kachur, Executive Director of the Alliance "New Energy of Ukraine" and Vice-rector for the scientific work of KPI them. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mikhail Ilchenko is Igor Sikorsky.

    The purpose of establishing cooperation is the implementation of projects for the design and manufacture of space products for the benefit of Ukraine, the implementation of jointly manufactured products in foreign markets, as well as the pooling of efforts to find investments for these tasks.

    To achieve this goal, the University and the Alliance will consider creating a consortium that will implement specific projects in the specified areas. The Memorandum itself is the basis for the conclusion of agreements that will regulate in detail the issues of cooperation between the KPI. Igor Sikorsky and Alliance "New Energy of Ukraine", as well as carrying out corresponding works.

    Alliance "New Energy of Ukraine" is a voluntary public initiative, which was created with the purpose of building a qualitatively new energy efficiency and energy saving policy in connection with the integration of Ukraine into the world community in the face of growing shortages of fuel and energy resource planets. The Alliance brings together business circles, local authorities, professional engineering and academic communities and community organizations. One of the new directions of his activity is the development and implementation of space technology.


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