The fleet of "NIBULON" has been replenished with a new 100-meter vessel

  • Shipbuilding plant "NIBULON" launched a second 100-meter non-self-propelled vessel

    The vessel V5000 project will be operated on inland waterways of Ukraine. The first such ship was descended a few months ago. Construction of vessels of such sizes became possible due to the large-scale reconstruction of the enterprise.

    Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to The press service The company.

    The project В5000 - non-self-propelled vessels with a capacity of 5 thousand tons, mixed swimming, with two holds and improved operational qualities, in particular, the hydraulic system of the drive of the hatch covers. The new improved design of non-self-propelled vessels with a width of 17 meters was created by the company's specialists based on the study of the experience of America and Europe.

    The greater capacity of the vessels will allow the delivery of large bulk shipments of cargo from the transshipment terminals of the NIBULON joint venture on the Dnipro, and optimize the transportation of grain.

    У планах компанії «НІБУЛОН» – збудувати ще п’ять колій на верфі, що дасть можливість будувати повнокомплектні судна довжиною до 140 м. Саме таку довжину за проектом має самохідний перевантажувач проекту П-140 з двома крановими частинами вантажомісткістю 10 000 т, будівництво якого вже розпочалося на суднобудівно-судноремонтному заводі.