The Verkhovna Rada has passed a law that allows organ transplants after death

  • The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law authorizing organ transplantation after the death of the donor, provided that he gave written consent to the transplant.

    For adoption in general of the bill number 2386a-1 "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on health and organ transplantation and other anatomical materials to man" voted 255 deputies for the minimum required 226, reports the correspondent Ukrinform.

    Законом передбачається презумпція незгоди – матеріал для пересадки може бути отриманий з тіла померлої особи лише у випадку, якщо вона за життя дала згоду на трансплантацію.

    According to article 16 of the law, every adult legal person has the right to provide written consent or disagreement with the removal of anatomical materials from her body for transplantation and / or the production of bioimplants after her death.

    A living donor can only remove anatomical materials if it has voluntarily and consciously agreed to donate anatomical materials provided in writing.

    The Council has determined that all information regarding consent or disagreement with the donation is made to the Unified State Information System.

    After entering the specified information into the information system of transplantation, according to the bill, the marks about granting a person consent or disagreement with the post-mortem donation and about changing this will-will, if desired, are entered into the passport of a citizen of Ukraine or the driver's license.

    The only state information system of transplantation is an electronic information and telecommunication system for the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, processing, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and dissemination, depersonalization and destruction of information specified in this Law and the implementation of automated objective and impartial the distribution of human anatomical materials, the definition of a donor-recipient pair, stored on state information resources.

    Olga Bogomolets, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health Care, noted that the system of transplantation will develop exclusively on state financing.

    That is, it has been recorded that there are no commercial moments, no business entities that will participate in it, "she stressed.

    Also, the law defines groups of people who will not be able to be donors. These are orphans, people who have not been identified, and participants in the ATO.

    Thus, by putting these fuses, we have made it impossible for a situation where "black" transplantology can become a risk in our country during the war, "said Bogomolets.

    In order to prevent illegal transplantation and trafficking in organs and / or other anatomical materials, the law amends the Criminal Code of Ukraine in regard to the establishment of more severe liability for violations of legislation in the area of ​​transplantation of organs and / or other anatomical materials to a person.

    The law comes into force in 1 year after publication.