• There is a group of creative people in Ukraine that creates mechanical 3D puzzles that adults and children all over the world admire.

    Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to U open EU.

    Ukrainian Gears is a young Ukrainian company with its own production, located in the suburbs of Kiev. The company develops and produces unique, mechanical 3D puzzles of high quality plywood. The models are fully equipped with everything needed to assemble the 3D puzzle. To collect the buyer do not need either glue, or special tools. Due to the high precision of design and production quality, all parts are easily transformed into a finished model.

    Each model is not just a designer, but a certain idea, which is formed in the process of creating its authors.

    In a few years the company has conquered the markets of Europe and the world, proving on its own example that in Ukraine they are able to make a high-quality finished product.

    About the preparation for export, access to the international market, the benefits of FTA for Ukrainian business and cooperation with European partners tells the director of the company Gennady Shestak in the above video.