The Ministry of Education and Science identified the winners of the startup competition, whose developers will receive funds for project implementation

  • The Ministry of Education and Science has identified the winners of the startup contest, whose developers will receive funds for the implementation and development of projects, as well as mentoring. The final of the competition was held today, 16 May 2018 year, in the premises of the Ministry.

    Informs National Industrial Portal, referring to the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

    The best startups were defined in two categories: "Economically oriented innovations" and "Socially oriented innovations". Places distributed as follows:

    "Economically oriented innovations"

    And place - Development of a vibrating mill for mechanical activation of bulk material (Vinnytsia National Agrarian University)

    ІІ place - Development of technology of ecologically pure biodegradable packaging with heat-resistant properties for hot drinks (Sumy National Agrarian University)

    ІІІ place - Eventyr, advertising platform of complemented reality (Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics)

    Audience Award - Development of a vibrating mill for mechanical activation of bulk material (Vinnytsia National Agrarian University)

    "Socially-oriented innovations"

    And the place is the Educational Portal "Klasna Novosti" (National Aerospace University named after M.Yu. Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute")

    ІІ place - Educational hardware and software complex "Smart House 3Д", Smart Work "Eleon" (Shostinka Institute of SSU)

    ІІІ place - Online Concilium, a platform for conducting online conferences (Kyiv National Economic University)

    Audience Choice Award - The Second Life of Castles of Ternopil (Ternopil National Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Hnatyuk)

    During the evaluation of projects, the jury drew attention to the basic criteria for 3: novelty, scalability (the size of the audience for which development was designed), the state of readiness for implementation.

    In general, this year, 240 applications were submitted for participation in the competition, of which 165 is the highest of the universities. Also, their projects were sent by representatives of scientific institutions of national academies of sciences, schools, colleges, vocational schools, and others like that. 40 projects were selected for the semi-finals, and 20 was finalized.

    The most submitted projects concerned IT, education, health, agro-sector, energy efficiency, ecology, and assistance to people with special needs.

    This year we have been holding a competition for startups for the third time and have received the largest number of applications for all time. Traditionally, universities were the most active, for example, he received the 16 applications from the Taras Shevchenko National University, from the Sumy State University - 11. Already next year we plan to expand the opportunity to participate in the competition and for private entrepreneurs-developers, - said the Director General of the Directorate of Innovation and Technology Transfer MES Darya Chayka.

    During the contest there was a demo zone where you could get acquainted with the projects of finalists and semifinalists. There were presented a variety of developments - from live Australian crayfish, grown in ponds in the south of Ukraine, to the platform of complemented reality.

    For example, the work of capital schoolchildren and students attracted a lot of attention - the eternal office. The notepad created by them is not damaged, it does not wet, and all the entries in it can be erased with the usual antiseptic. It comes complete with a pencil that never ends. It is made of metal, which is oxidized during the interaction with the paper and leaves a trace. These pencil marks are erased by an ordinary eraser.

    Another "school" development - from a student from Transcarpathia, with whom he won the International Olympiad in Ecology in Kenya. It's about creating a piece of fallen leaves. According to the young inventor, his development can already be started in mass production. In fact, any leaves are suitable for processing - in order to obtain cellulose, it must be boiled in a sodium solution. And from waste it will be possible to make fuel briquettes and even fertilizers.

    The inventors from SumNAU, who then received the 2 site, offered visitors to drink tea from their disposable cups, which not only are absolutely safe for the environment and decompose for 3 months, but even fertilize the soil. In the future, this development can become an alternative not only for disposable utensils, but also PET bottles, in which it will be possible to store oil, alcohol, etc.

    Another agrarian university - Vinnytsia NAU - has proposed a project for energy-saving vibration mill, which eventually became a winner. It allows you to shred the particle size from 5 to 50 micrometers, which is 5 times thinner than human hair. This enables the material to be more active. For example, medicines taken on such a mill are digested by the organism not for several hours, as with the usual milling, but a maximum per hour.

    Photo by Yarina Fostyak.

    One could observe how the 3D printer prints the skull of a particular person. The simulation of three-dimensional models of anatomical structures (skull, vessels of the brain, vertebrae) and their printing on the 3-D printer were invented by scientists from the Department of Neurosurgery NMAPE them. Shupika One of the applications of development can be the planning of surgical interventions, when, for example, the surgeon must conduct a complex intervention in the brain. Then on the printer you can create an exact copy of the body of a specific patient and conduct training on it. And the cost of such a model will be only a few hundred hryvnia.

    The winners of the competition received prizes from the festival partners - certificates for travel, for free participation in the Innovation market and the Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit 2018, for training and mentoring, participating in the International Startup University Battle in Copenhagen.

    6 winners of the competition received money awards for the development of projects from the company Kyivstar, the general partner of the All-Ukrainian Innovation Festival. The two teams that took the first place received 25 thousand hryvnias, the four teams that took the second and third places - by 10 thousand hryvnia.

    Schools and universities are the most important centers for the development of breakthrough technologies, because here are courageous innovators who do not think of templates. Active cooperation of business with educational institutions and young entrepreneurs is the key to the development of innovative projects in Ukraine, "said Natalia Kostrova, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Kyivstar.

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