The spirits companies of Lviv region will start producing biofuels and perfumery products

  • The state enterprise Ukrspirt and the Lviv regional state administration 9 signed a memorandum in February that envisages the restoration of the Lviv factories and the launch of new products.

    It reports National Industrial Portal, referring to the press service of Ukrspirt.

    The signing of the document took place during a working meeting with the participation of the head of the State Enterprise "Ukrspirt" Yuriy Luchechka, the chairman of the Lviv Regional State Administration Oleg Synyutka, the chairman of the unified trade union of Ukrspirt Vitaliy Sosnytsky. Participation in the meeting was taken by the management and managers of the UDI "Ukrspirt" of Lviv region, farmers and representatives of state administration of the region.

    The head of the State Enterprise "Ukrspirt" Yuriy Luchechko outlined the main directions of the new, Strategic Plan for the Development of the Alcohol Industry in Lviv Region. The ambitious goal of the alcoholics is to completely load the existing enterprises, as well as to resume the work of non-working alcoholic beverages.

    Alcohol companies can get a new breath, earning full power, sure the head of "Ukrspirt". Since the branch of food alcohol is currently over-saturated, Y. Luchechko is campaigning for new markets. This is about the production of Ukrainian biofuels - bioethanol, biodiesel, blended gasoline, alcohol-based substances and perfumery products.

    For the first time in the recent history of Ukraine, a decision was made to modernize the country's alcoholic capacity. Enterprises of the western region and the Lviv region became the pilot project for this purpose. For us, this is a very ambitious step, "says Yuriy Luchechko. - Enterprises that are forced to idle deserve to work and to restore production potential. Today, excess capacity can not be used for the production of food alcohol, so the main goal for us is to re-profile these enterprises, to increase market competitiveness.

    Currently, most of the 10 alcohol companies in Lviv oblast are forced to idle. At the enterprise Greater Lubin plan to produce perfumery products. The enterprise in Voyutich is being modernized, and in the Party bottles it is being converted into bioethanol production. Biofuels will also be produced at Lopatinsky and Sukhodilsky MPEs. Under this, a normative base was prepared - the relevant bill has already been discussed in the transport and fuel committees. The next step is approval by the Verkhovna Rada.

    Agitated for the adoption of the law a profile trade union. In general, implementing a strategy is a decent salary and new jobs.

    Production of biodiesel will make it impossible to sell oily crops for export - but to produce products here in Ukraine. Replacing imports thereby. Everything is simple. But support of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada is needed, - says the chairman of the trade union of Ukrspirt Vitaly Sosnytsky.

    Such an approach is supported by the farmer Ivan Kilgan, who already produces biofuels, as well as the founder of a company with a European experience in installing biofuel production equipment.

    The oblast counts on its own dividends. New production is new jobs and budget revenues. Another area of ​​work is the agricultural industry, which is interested in the use of waste alcohol production.

    For a very long time, we have been able to not complain about Kiev, but have the opportunity to make decisions here, in place. And today there is a chance to revive the alcohol industry in Lviv region. And this small growth, which we achieved last year, has a chance to turn into substantial volumes, "says Oleh Synyutka, the head of the Lviv regional state administration. - We aim to produce not only technical and food alcohol. We are dedicated to producing bioethanol and other products that are in demand on the market. Today, most of the product that we can produce from us, we import from other countries. We must oust the imported products, replacing it with the products of the Ukrainian manufacturer. This also applies to bioethanol and perfumery. There is an opportunity, there is a market and we have to do it.

    In addition to Lviv oblast, such a memorandum was signed with Ternopil oblast state administration. Also, in such a memorandum, Volyn region is interested.


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