Over the summer on the Odessa railway it is planned to repair over 80 km of the track

Replacement of the track Photo: Magistral
  • During June-August 2018, the employees of the service line of the regional branch of the "Odessa Railways" Ukrzaliznytsya PJSC plan to repair 81 km of the railroad, reports Railway information portal

    In particular, reconstruction of the uneven track on the mountains-Khlystunivka, Khlistunivka-Tsvetkov, Tsvetkov-Volodymyrivka races - 21,8 km, odd roads Veselinovo-Mykolaiv, Serbka-Byalik - 14,3 km will be completed, 3,2 km will be intensified, and the Sednovka-Red Lake also major repairs of main roads at the Rosyshki-Uman districts - 8 km, Yosyivka-Boleslavichyk - 3,3 km, Arciz-Berezina - 6,7 km, and at stations Chornomorsk and Znamianka - 1,4 km.

    We will add that the pedestrians will operate in accordance with the approved technology for the execution of work in the long windows with an individual approach to each object, from the preparatory work to the opening of the race with the observance of the requirements of occupational safety, train traffic safety and environmental legislation.