In Kiev, studying the possibility of implementing SkyWay pontoon transport between Podol and Troyeshchyna

  • Kiev City State Administration intends to begin the implementation of the overland system of transport Sky Way between Postal Square and Troyeschyna Microdistrict.

    Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to Auto Consulting.

    This is stated in the order to create a working group on this project of the transport infrastructure department.

    According to the order, the working group should submit proposals for the implementation of the project on the route "Poshtova Ploshcha - Troieschinsky Market" (Zakrevskoho street).

    SkyWay is an overland transport system in which the movement of hanging cars is arranged above the ground through hinges mounted between the supports. In the project, which was announced in the KSCA, it is stated that SkyWay may have several options. For example, the authors of the project claim that at speed 150 km \ h, with the help of cars on 14, such transport can carry up to 50000 per \ h.

    The high-speed version involves achieving 500 km / h and will allow 1 passenger traffic to reach 24 per person by XNUMX. In addition, SkyWay can be used for cargo transportation or for pleasure transport.