Ryanair may start flying from Ukraine in the fall

  • The Irish Flywheel Ryanair will fly to Ukraine from the fall of 2018 year. Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan told this.

    Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to CIS.

    "It is formally left to bring the procedure to an end," he said.

    The minister also added that the presentation of flights will take place within two months. Loucaster will fly to Borispol and Lviv.

    Earlier, Omelyan announced the arrival of Ryanair in 2018 year "with 200-percent guarantee".

    "Will be next year - 200%"

    - he said in December, commenting on a possible visit to Ukraine of the airline.

    It should be noted that in early January, the head of the MIU stated that the negotiations with the carrier were virtually completed, and "good news" should be expected in the first months of 2018 year.

    "With Ryanair we are already at the final stage of negotiations. I hope that this will happen in January-February. There are technical points that we are completing, but in general everything is fine. We did not have a concession compared to the positions we had last year, "he said in January 10.


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