Infrastructure development: How the Podolsk-Voskresensky bridge is being built in Kyiv (photo report)

Photo: Oleg Totsky (tov_tob)
  • На початку травня, у мережі інтернет, блогер tov_tob (Oleg Totsky) has published a great photo report devoted to construction works on the Podolsk-Resurrection bridge in Kyiv.

    In the photographs you can see the entire road of the Podilsky bridge crossing from Rusanivsky Gardens to the Rybalsky Peninsula, depicting all the far corners and those places that can not be seen from the public points.

    1. We start bypassing the Rusaniv gardens. After the snow has fallen, it is much better to see the scale of the demolished areas. In many places, along the route of the bridge are traced empty fields or thickets of weed from previous wear.
    2 A few houses have the most different look: from residential to 100% of the lost. No new wear was done after the winter.
    3 At the end of the 25 line, the drilling rig rises.
    4 In the near examination, it turned out that the drill moved to the east coast of the lake. That is, there should be a coastal trench overpass and where the bridge passes down into the embankment, which he will continue to pass through the Gardens.

    5 Recently there was a cleared area for work.
    6 In the direction of the opposite shore the soil is sprayed; Apparently, to install the pallets under the last 25-that resistance.
    7 Let's face it on the top of the bridge. In the foreground, the support number 21, which is now virtually completed. Next is the collecting of formwork for the 22-pillar, further (where the excavator is harvested) the foundation under 23-tion is being prepared. The drill we saw on the previous photos is hidden behind the crane. The capital's house on the shore is still in its place, but the building more and more surrounds it from all sides.
    8 These photos were made at the end of April, now the formwork for the 22-th pillar is already fully assembled.
    9 Now let's climb the bridge and see what changes have happened above.
    10 Last year, large-scale works on laying waterproofing on car plates were carried out. And, as you can see, the installation of curbs and other important pieces is in parallel.
    11 The red cover is an eliminator (no, not an "illuminator", and "Eliminatori"). This is a special waterproofing covering, which will be subsequently stacked with gesasfalt (cast asphalt). Such asphalt is much better on the bridges and can be observed, for example, on the Darnytsky bridge.
    12 In the corners and other non-standard places, the eliminator is applied manually.
    13 On the bridge over the Desenka on the sidewalk consoles already laid gesasfalt.
    14 And also appeared a lot of road fencing, installation of which actively continues along the entire route to the Dnieper.
    17 We move further on Trukhanov Island. On the bridge you can notice the drainage pipes prepared for the installation of the pipe. They are mounted under the roadway and before entering the outside world, the water flowing from the road will undergo water purification.
    18 The asphalt on the upper part of the overpass on Trukhanov Island was laid several years ago.
    19 On the bottom part last year was a concluding eliminator.
    21 At the metro level, there are no special changes. However, they have not been foreseen here yet.
    22 We approach the arched bridge across the Dnieper.
    23 On the approaches to the Dnipro on the industrial site, you can observe numerous connections, which will combine both arches.
    24 They are not just a lot of them, but a lot of them.
    25 To better understand why these numerous pipes, look at this layout and lattice structure between the arches:
    26 All the last year, the bundles were prepared for further welding and assembly, hopefully very soon we will see them at an altitude between the arches.
    27 Next to the links you can consider the prepared machine, which will be the welding of individual elements into a single unit.
    28 Let's take a look at the arched bridge.
    29 Many of you have long been waiting for the closure of the arches, suspension of the bridge to the guards and dismantling of temporary supports. Last year, these works could not begin until the bottom of the temporary supports was strengthened (for a dozen years it was eroded in some places by more than 10 m). Now, finally, there are first signs of renewed work on the arch: new booths for welders are installed, under the cover of which is the welding of a small mounting kit with an average section of the arch.
    30 To better understand what you are talking about, look at the small unopened seam to the left. Recall that after lifting the middle sections of the arches between them and the adjacent arched segments, there was a fairly large gap in which an additional piece of arches was installed. And, if the gap to the right is eliminated during the closure of the arch, then the seam to the left will boil right now.
    31 We go to the Rybalsky Peninsula. There are still significant changes and the changeover is changing so quickly that the photos are hopelessly outdated already a week after shooting.
    32 If, at the end of April, the fittings for concreting the first car slab in this area were still being prepared, then the process of concreting has already begun.
    33 Concreting is now conducted close to the arched bridge.
    34 The beginning of the congress on the embankment:
    36 Non-standard angles for you in a ribbon. I can hardly imagine how the beam is painted inside this steel box.
    37 Rally and main overpass:
    38 And literally a month ago everything was covered with snow.
    39 It was good enough to replace it ..
    44 In addition to apparently noticeable changes in the installation of beams and concreting, occur and less noticeable, but no less significant things. For example, painting
    45 Other concrete parts of the railing are prepared for the concreting of the car slab, as indicated by the mounted console under the formwork.
    46 Beams of the congress on the embankment are gradually welded with each other and are preparing for the concrete top plate.
    47 The installation of the formwork at the bottom of the rally began in March, and now concrete laying is underway.
    49 For the first time on your screens: the underground station "Shipbuilding" from the platform level.
    51 The far end of the station from Havana.
    52 To the question of how much the hostel interferes.
    53 For now everything, but it will be!