Southern railway has loaded almost 12 million tons since the beginning of the year


The total load of the regional branch "Southern Railway" from the beginning of 2018 year was made at the level of 11 million 916 thousand tons, reports Railway information portal "Magistral"

The increase in the volume of load was recorded due to the increased number of shippers' applications for carriage to 2017-th:

  • building cargoes (+ 324,4 ths. tons),
  • scrap metal (+ 30,5 ths. tons),
  • sugar (+ 22,6 ths. tons),
  • mineral fertilizers (+ 22,2 ths. tons),
  • industrial raw materials (+ 18,6 ths. tons),
  • timber cargo (+ 17,5 ths. tons)
  • chemicals (+ 15,4 ths. tons).

Over 5 thousand freight wagons were involved in the transportation of this quantity of cargo during 185 months. Average daily load during this period was set at the mark 78,9 thousand tons.

  • The amount of transported iron ore - the main variety of freight lines - also increased by 95,5 ths. However, cereals continue to decline: their execution was 72,9% to the 5 month 2017 result.

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