Lowestoft Ernest in 2018 year opens three new flights from Kiev and Lviv


Ernest Italian low-cost engineer in 2018 year plans to launch flights on three new destinations from Ukraine to Italy.

Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to CIS.

The carrier said on expanding the route geography during the Borsa Internazionale del Turismo International Tourism Fair, which runs in Milan from 11 on February 13.

  • According to the route map presented on Sunday, a route to Bologna (in addition to the existing Milan-Bergamo and Naples) will be added to directions from Kiev, and from Lviv to Rome and Milan-Malpensa (to existing flights to Naples, Venice and Milan Bergamo).

    In addition to new flights from Ukraine, Ernest plans to start flights to Romania and Spain this year, more precisely to Ibiza. For example, now it is possible to fly from Lviv via a low-level resort to a resort island from Ukraine with a transfer in Milan Bergamo Airport.

    At the same time, these flights are not yet available for passengers. The airline plans to announce the exact timetable and open up sales in new directions in the coming days.

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