In the autumn of this year, Ukrainian low-cost airlines may be registered

  • In the autumn of 2017 Ukraine may be registered a new airline, which will perform low-cost transportation. Loucoster will be focused on domestic flights.

    Про це повідомив міністр інфраструктури України Володимир Омелян в інтерв’ю Сегодня. Повідомляє National Industrial Portal, With reference to CIS.

    To break the situation (with the monopoly of one domestic air carrier - ed.) Will allow the creation of a new airline in the segment low-cost. Hope to register it in the fall. These are private investments: 51% - Ukraine, 49% - foreigners. The structure should be such as only companies with Ukrainian registration can carry out domestic flights, the minister said.

    Earlier, V. Omelyan had already informed about the work on the creation of this airline, and also expressed the assumption that in the 2017 year, the flights of the new low-level aircraft could start.

    Negotiations are successful. I hope that we have every chance to legally register the company this year, perhaps flights started in Ukraine and abroad, "the minister said at the end of May.

    At the same time, he voiced his vision of the cost of flights in the created airline:

    I hope that in Ukraine this could be 500-1000 hryvnia. In principle, it's real.

    In this context, we recall that in early June it was reported that the Turkish Pegasus Airlines loukoster allegedly applied to the State of Ukraine for registration as a Ukrainian airline.

    But the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure immediately responded with a refutation of information that the Turkish Lukoster Pegasus expanded its presence in Ukraine by registering as a Ukrainian airline.

    It should be noted that the information about the possible opening of the subsidiary Pegasus Airlines in Ukraine appeared on the market even earlier - at the end of January. Then Infrastructure Minister during a meeting with business representatives in European Business Association, said that the ministry is working with the Turkish airline wants to open his daughter in Ukraine for the implementation of internal flights.

    Also, according to the portal, yesterday, 14 July, at a press conference in Kiev, Vladimir Omelian noted that it is the emergence of carrier subsidiary of a foreign company in Ukraine.


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