Since the beginning of this year, fertilizer production has increased in Ukraine


In Ukraine, in the 2018 year, fertilizer and ammonia production increased.

It reportsState Statistics ServiceUkraine,

In April, the ammonia release amounted to 107 625 tons. Total 2018 402 tons of N product was released in January-April, 614 17,8, which is 4% more than the same period last year. According to the state agency, the balances of finished products at the end of April amounted to 329 XNUMX tons N.

In April ammonium sulphate produced 5,2 thousand tons of N, in January-April - 19,4 thousand tons of N, which is 9,6% more than last year.

  • The release of ammonium nitrate in April amounted to 16,4 thousand tons of N, in January-April - 124,8 thousand tons of N, which means an increase of 8,1%.

    In April, 11,4 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate and urea nitrogen were produced. In the first four months, their production amounted to 28,4 thousand tons of N or 12,3% more than last year.

    If in January-April 2017 of the year NPK-fertilizers were not produced, then in 2018 year for this period was produced 23,4 thousand tons of fertilizers. Only in April their production amounted to 17,4 thousand tons.

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