Made in Ukraine: As in Kramatorsk, we produce wind turbines of the multimedia class.

  • Production capacities in renewable energy - contribution to the energy potential of Ukraine.

    In Kramatorsk, in the Donetsk region, the only factory in the post-Soviet area is operating, which, under the license of the German company "Fuhrländer", produces multimachine class wind turbines.

    Transmits National Industrial Portal, Referring to the press service of the State Department of Energy Efficiency.

    The advantageous location, namely, in the Donetsk region with high wind energy potential, Kramatorsk industrial capacities, where it is possible to produce all the necessary components, as well as qualified specialists, all this has allowedо підприємству «ООО “Фурлендер Віндтехнолоджі”» стати успішним та сприяти розвитку вітчизняної вітроенергетики.

    It is important that wind farms produce "pure" electricity not only in Ukraine. Wind turbines of domestic production are installed in Kazakhstan, namely - in the wind turbine "Ereimentu" with total capacity of 45 MW.

    The plans of the plant are to produce a wind turbine with a capacity of 4,5 MW.

    Undoubtedly, such plants, which produce equipment for "green" objects, are new technologies, additional jobs, and economic development of the regions.