Video: In Dnipropetrovsk, the first mini-hydroelectric power station was built

  • In Dnipropetrovsk region, the first mini-hydroelectric power station was built in Vasilkovka. It was erected on the site of the abandoned collective-farm hydroelectric power station.

    It reports National Industrial Portal, referring to the press service of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

    Due to decentralization - the reform initiated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the communities received more powers and responsibilities. Now they are attracting investors for the development of local infrastructure. A vivid example of a successful self-government is the Vasylkiv community. From the HPPs in Vasilkivka the walls themselves were left - more than 60 years stood without a deal. Now instead of the old object - a new hydroelectric power station. She will generate 120 kW per hour, - said Valentin Reznichenko.

    The construction of a new hydroelectric power plant is the first successful project of the Vasylkiv united community. It was realized solely at the expense of domestic investors.

    When they created the Vasilkiv community, they set themselves the task of attracting investment in its development. Investors from Pyryaty decided to invest in the construction of a hydroelectric power station. Earlier, we encountered power outages. It was important to build a mini-HPP in order to supply electricity to schools, kindergartens and hospitals without interruption, - said the head of the Vasylkivskyi united community Sergey Pavlichenko.

    According to him, mini-HPPs are new jobs and additional budget revenues that will contribute to the development of community infrastructure.

    Reconstructed the building, built an air line, installed a hydro turbine, a generator, a transformer. All equipment - domestic production. Now we are carrying out start-up and adjustment works on automation of control of the station, - Andrey Kucheryavy, director of the company "Energoaktiv", told.

    The system is provided with a reliable degree of protection. At the slightest failure, the acoustic signaling works and there is an automatic shutdown of the hydro turbines.

    Загалом міні-ГЕС обслуговуватиме 17 тисяч людей. Міні-ГЕС звели на місці старої, яка не працювала понад 60 років.

    Коли створили Васильківську громаду, поставили перед собою завдання залучити інвестиції в її розвиток. Інвестори з Пирятина вирішили вкласти кошти в будівництво гідроелектростанції, – повідомив Сергій Павліченко.

    Станція вироблятиме 120 кВт на годину. Пропускна здатність станції – 3 м3/с. Електрика постачатиметься мешканцям Васильківської громади.

    Mini-hydropower plant in Vasilkovka

    In Vasilkovka, the first mini hydro power station was built in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The project was implemented exclusively at the expense of investors from Ukraine with the support of Dnipro_OGA. In general, the mini-HPP will serve 17 thousand local residents. For Vasilkovskaya Gromada, the emergence of HPPs is not only an uninterrupted power supply, but also new jobs, as well as additional revenues to the budget. The mini-HPP is built on the site of an old collective farm plant that was abandoned for about 60 years and slowly collapsed. How it looks now, look at the video. # Poroshenko's command # Dnipropetrovsk_Ablast

    Published Valentin Reznichenko Вівторок, 13 лютого 2018 р.


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