In Ternopil region peasants burn their homes with cake from their own production of raspberries

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  • Peasants themselves provide fuel for their own homes. These fuels became the waste of their main business - the cultivation of raspberries.

    Завдяки фінансуванню ПРООН кооператив придбав і запустив брикетну лінію. Село Лосятин Кременецького району Тернопільської області відоме далеко за межами свого району. Повідомляє National Industrial Portal, referring to the press service of the Ternopil Regional State Administration.

    First of all, the fact that an extremely small number of people are going to work for it - in the village there is every opportunity to earn, and in the agricultural season Losyatin becomes an important employer for neighboring villages.

    Its inhabitants have united in two cooperatives engaged in growing raspberries and strawberries. It is these cooperatives that allow lions to successfully sell their products in Ukraine and abroad at bargain prices and not to worry about work elsewhere.

    However, this is not the only thing Losyatin's special community has. What began as a berry cooperative continued as energy. Now the hips themselves provide fuel for their own homes. These fuels became the waste of their main business - the cultivation of raspberries.

    That's why we heat our homes, - says the head of the "Yagodny kray" cooperative Viktor Prydatko, shows dark brown briquettes. - We have this raw material enough. Each member of the cooperative has significant areas and many stems of raspberries, which were just burned in the fields.

    The technology of growing raspberries, which is used in Losyatin, provides for its digging every autumn. Previously, the inhabitants of the village simply burned huge stacks of raspberry stems, but the fines for the smoked air forced to think about how to get rid of such costs.

    Someone from the members of the cooperative proposed to turn the problem into an opportunity to save on homes heating. Thanks to funding from UNDP and the EU, the Yagorodny kray cooperative purchased and launched a cake line.

    The line was placed in an obscure hangar, along with a refrigeration chamber - one of the most important assets of the cooperative. Here peasants bring raspberry bundles and take their briquettes from them, paying only the cost of the installation.

    It turns out essentially cheaper than gas, - says Prydatko. - Although many people still burn gas, they want to leave a subsidy. For me in recent years, the state has accounted for about 13 thousand UAH, but I will not take them - there is actually fuel.

    The briquettes shop looks like a regular barn.

    Residents of Losyatin did not invent a bicycle. Creation of energy co-operatives is a common practice in developed countries.

    So, the residents of Herbram-Wald, who between Dortmund and Hanover, Germany, are heating their homes with local scum. Their Energy Cooperative annually buys about 2 thousand tons of chips from local forest farms and centralizes heat to 40 homes where 138 residents live.

    However, for residents of Herbrams-Wald, not only the cost of heating is important, but also the price predictability and control over its own energy infrastructure.

    We do not want to depend on what legs the king in Saudi Arabia has raised and how much oil will cost in connection with another conflict in the Middle East, "says the head of the local energy cooperative, Michael Clauseener.

    The Energy Cooperative in Losyatin can serve as an example for thousands of Ukrainian communities who seek to reduce the cost of heating their own homes or want to become co-owners of their own energy infrastructure.

    It also has the benefits of creating jobs and more predictable energy prices. The costs here can be controlled by the consumers themselves without the intervention of government bodies, intermediaries and big monopolies.

    Despite the imperfection of legislation that overly regulates the work of energy co-operatives, thousands of Ukrainian communities can repeat the experience of the Losyatin community and reduce the cost of heating. At the same time, the state and local authorities should help such groups, and not only recipients of subsidies.


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