KharkivVodokanal will carry out reconstruction of treatment facilities and will build a complex for processing sludge and production of biogas from it

  • KP "Kharkivvodokanal" will in the near future proceed with the implementation of the investment project "Improvement of the mud management system of sewage treatment facilities in Kharkiv".

    Про це сьогодні, 8 червня, в рамках ознайомчого візиту депутатів міської ради на Міські очисні споруди водовідведення №2 повідомив перший заступник генерального директора КП «Харківводоканал» Олександр Коваленко. Повідомляє National Industrial Portal, Referring to the press service of the Kharkiv City Council.

    According to him, the reconstruction of the sewage system of the city will be carried out at the expense of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Project cost - 66 million dollars. To implement the project, tender has already been conducted and the winner has been identified.

    The International Bank approved it, and now we are at the stage of contracting with the contractor. After the contract is signed, about a month and a half, the design process will begin. And after the examination and approval of the project, the company will proceed with the reconstruction of the treatment facilities, - said the deputy director general.

    In the communal enterprise "Kharkivvodokanal" noted that the reconstruction of the sewage economy is a forced measure. Implementation of the project will not only improve the efficiency of the treatment facilities, but also solve the environmental problem and save energy resources.

    Concentration of chemical pollution of sewage is constantly increased due to detergents, which contain a large amount of phosphates and nitrogen. It is necessary to modernize the treatment facilities to naturally reduce the amount of harmful substances that we discharge into the Udy River. They are the largest polluters of rivers and lead to flowering of water and the death of fish, - said Deputy Director of the treatment facilities of the Kharkiv diving system Yuri Shatalov.

    According to the Deputy Director General, the project includes a complete reconstruction of the treatment facilities - from the initial purification of wastewater to the purification of its biological composition.

    Biological purification will radically change and will be carried out taking into account the world's methods of purification - this is the introduction of nitro-denitrification methods, which allows deep cleaning of waste water from nitrogen and phosphorus. The peculiarity of this project is the construction of a complex for the processing of sludge and the generation of biogas from it, which will eventually receive electricity, - said Alexander Kovalenko.

    He noted that such technology would cover the cost of energy resources of the complex at least 70%, as well as solve the issue of storage and disposal of sludge siege. At the same time, the sludge will be processed only at the treatment facilities №2, here the sludge from the treatment facilities №1 will also come. According to preliminary estimates, the entire process of reconstruction of the complex will take about three years.

    During the acquaintance with the work of the complex, the secretary of the Kharkiv city council Alexander Novak noted that the city authorities pay special attention and provide all possible support for the efficient operation of the sewerage industry in Kharkiv.

    Unfortunately, the sewage system of the city economy, like other urban networks, has a large percentage of wear. These issues need to be addressed, and the plan of work of the communal enterprise and the city council provides for measures aimed at improving efficiency, restoration and modernization of both the networks and equipment involved in this process, - Alexander Novak emphasized.