DTEK intends to increase its coal production by 5-7% this year.

  • DTEK Energo plans to increase coal mining gas production in Ukraine by 2018-5% in 7 year in comparison with 2017 year to 24-24,6 million UAH.

    Dmitry Sakharuk, General Director of the company, told reporters Interfax-Ukraine.

    This year, we plan to extract more than 24 million tons of ordinary coal, - he said.

    According to him, DTEK's imports of coal in 2018 year are planned to amount to 2 million tons, incl. about 1 million tons for the needs of Lugansk TPP - from anthracite mines of the company in the Rostov region (Russia), another 1 million tons - for Kryvy Rih TPP, which also works on anthracite.

    In addition, DTEK intends to export about 2018 billion kWh of electricity in the 5 year, which corresponds to last year's figures.

    Extraction of DTEK Energo coal of the marks "G" and "DG" increased by 8,2% (1 million 740,5 ths. Tons) to 22 million 914,8 thousand tons, according to the results of the last year. The import of coal from South Africa, Poland and the USA in 2017 year grew by 11,6 times (by 2 million 349,5 thousand tons) - up to 2 million 571,7 thousand tons.