Zaporizhkoks conducts major repairs of one of the coke batteries

  • Zaporizhkoks conducts major repair of coke battery number 5.

    Ремонт із загальним бюджетом в 73 млн гривень планується виконати до листопада 2018 року, передає

    In the framework of major repairs, the replacement of heating systems, replacement of masonry reinforcing devices, repair and partial replacement of gas and gas supply equipment will be carried out. For the first time, the extreme vertical displacement will be carried out from the machine and coke side simultaneously, which significantly reduces the repair period.

    As a result of the repair, we will significantly extend the service life of the unit and improve the condition of the masonry of the coking chambers. This will ensure the uniformity of the temperature regime of coking, the stability of the qualitative characteristics of coke and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Also, the work will allow to increase production of coke and reduce energy costs, - said the director general of the plant "Zaporizhkoks" Vitaly Litovka.

    Productivity of coke oven batteries № 5-6-720 thousand tons per year. The project on the reconstruction of coke oven batteries №5-6 is one of the main strategic projects of the investment program of the Zaporizhkoks plant. In 2017 year, the company completed major overhaul of 26 coke oven chambers number 5-6 with a total investment of 68,8 million UAH. The project for the reconstruction of all coke batteries of the plant with a total budget of 250 million UAH is planned to be implemented in stages under current production up to 2021 year.