KhTZ tractors will be equipped with a modern transmission of their own production

Kharkiv Tractor Plant
  • Kharkiv Tractor Plant produced an improved version of a two-stroke low-speed hydraulic-mechanical transmission (GOMT-2С) (the first version of the GOMT-1S transmission was manufactured in 2014 year and it was field trials). This is informed by the official page Enterprise on Facebook

    Informs National Industrial Portal.

    This unit is intended to replace the outdated stage mechanical gearbox in serial models and is jointly developed with the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", which signed the Memorandum on Strategic Partnership in September 2017.

    "GOMT-2S - a transmission of its own production, which was first developed in the post-Soviet space. Its use greatly improves the consumer quality of tractors for the production of HTZ, reduces the fatigue of the tractor, increases the reliability of the engine and ergonomic performance of the machine as a whole ", - said the chief engineer of the project on the development and implementation of GOMT-2 Petr Polishchuk.

    GOMT-2 has an improved design, four technological traction-speed ranges when moving forward, and two - when driving back, each of them continuously adjusts the speed and traction efforts of the tractor. The functionally updated unit allows to increase the efficiency factor in the implementation of the main technological operations during the operation of the tractor (plowing, discarding, harrowing, cultivating, sowing, transporting the trailer, etc.), thus ensuring the efficient operation of the tractor for optimal engine performance.


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