PJSC "Dnipropetrovsk Turning Plant" in 2018 year invests 183 million in technical re-equipment

PJSC "Dnipropetrovsk Turning Plant" Photo: press-service of the enterprise
  • This year PJSC "Dnipropetrovsk Turning Works" plans to invest in technical re-equipment 183 million USD, reports Railroad information portal Magistral

    In particular, it is planned to carry out technical and technological preparations for the installation and put into operation in 2019 a new mill mill manufacturing center Waldrich Coburg in the assembly plant. In addition, develop a project and purchase an oven for heat treatment of crossings, as well as purchase and mount equipment for the mechanization of the assembly section of switching transfers.

    PJSC "Dnipropetrovsk Turning Works" produces elements of the upper structure of the railway track: switching switches (ordinary, symmetrical, curvilinear, double cross-sections), deaf crossings of different brands from rails of the type P50, Р65, European rail type UIC 60 for stacking in tracks 1435 mm, 1520 mm and 1524 mm, shoe racks and leveling devices. The main products of the plant are switching transmissions for high-speed and high-speed main tracks with passenger trains passing speeds up to 200 km / h.