Kyiv Electrovagonorepair Plant completed major repairs of the regular electric trains

Electric trains ER2R-707 0 after major repairs Photo: PJSC "Kyiv Electrovagonorepair Plant"

PJSC "Kiev Electrovagonorepair Plant" at your Facebook page showing how the electric trains ER2R-7070 from the Southern Railway (Kharkiv) after capital repair look like:

PJSC "Kiev Electrovagonorepair Plant" is the leading enterprise of Ukraine for major repairs of the volume of KP-1, KP-2, major repairs (KPP) with the following extension of service life on 15 years - electric trains of the EP series, as well as major overhauls of the KP- 1, КР-2 electric trains ЕПЛ2Т, ЕПЛ9Т and diesel-trains of series ДПЛ, ДТЛ, electric trains of series ET, ED.

The plant performs repair of linear equipment (auxiliary electric machines, traction motors, transformers, compressors, reactors, inductive shunts), repair and new formation of motor, trailer wheel pairs and makes spare parts for electric trains.

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