Aviancon plant repairs Mi-14-amphibian helicopter for the army

Photo by: Dumskaya
  • Photo by: Dumskaya

    During the celebration of the Naval Day, Odessa performed demonstration flights of the amphibious helicopter Mi-14 (antitank) board number 35 "yellow".

    Informs National Industrial Portal, With reference to Ukrainian Military Pages.

    The helicopter was about 10 years waiting to be repaired at a parking lot in Novofedorovka (Autonomous Republic of Crimea), and after the occupation of Crimea, the car was transported in a semi-assembled state to the Kulkankino airfield (Mykolaiv), where the 10-based brigade is based.

    At the beginning of the summer of 2017 the first photos of the already restored board appeared on the Internet, which subsequently participated in events devoted to the Day of Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    Due to the fact that the given helicopters were previously repaired at the Sevastopol ARZ, their repair was mastered by the state enterprise Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant Aviakon.

    Mi-14 - sea multipurpose coastal helicopter, development of MK MK Mill on the basis of multipurpose Mi-8. The serial production was organized at the end of 1973 at the plant No. 387 in Kazan, and a 1973 helicopter was made in 1986-273 years. Mi-14PCH (Mi-14PL) is an antisubmarine helicopter.

    Ukraine got 5 Mi-14 of various modifications. One Mi-14PCH airplane number 54 "Yellow" is located in the State Museum of Aviation in Zhulyany, in the flight position Mi-14PCH used the 36 and 37 "yellow" and Mi-14PR 34 board "yellow".


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