What will be the Ukrainian infrastructure through 12 years

Infrastructure of Ukraine
  • Take Ukraine over 10 hours and get to the airport in an hour from any point in the country. What else does the 2030 transport strategy mean?

    Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to Republic.com.ua.

    In May 30 approved the National Transport Strategy to 2030 year. And in June 21, the Ministry of Infrastructure presented the document to the general public.

    Виглядає Drive Ukraine 2030 вкрай амбітно: доволі складно спланувати проекти на 12 років в країні, де щороку зі скрипом ухвалюють бюджет.

    За словами Міністра інфраструктури Володимира Омеляна українська держава в питанні розвитку транспортної інфраструктури ще ніколи не дивилася так далеко і не бачила перспективу 2030 року.

    However, in the Ministry of Industry, they still dared to put an end to the embalming of the old rusty Soviet heritage and to open the way for radical modernization of the transport infrastructure:

    "We can endlessly cover roads or upgrade cars that have 40 or more years. But only ambitious plans and a "big infrastructure revolution" can give Ukraine a new quality. The construction of a modern state requires a modern approach, "the minister said during the presentation.

    In addition, the availability and step-by-step implementation of the long-term strategy is a powerful signal to international partners and investors that Ukraine confidently looks to the future and sees itself as an important part of world transport and logistics processes, Omelyan is convinced.

    What could be the infrastructure of Ukraine already in 2030 year:


    Drive Ukraine 2030 predicts that in 12 years in Ukraine there will be 10 concession-based highways. Start construction of the first toll road in the Ministry of Planning already in 2019 year - it will be the road from Kiev to the White Church.

    Recall that for Ukrainian roads in the government a separate document is foreseen - the Program for the development of Ukrainian roads at 2018-2022 years. According to her, for five years, all regional centers should be connected by high-quality roads in Ukraine.

    First of all, the directions of Lviv-Kiev-Kharkiv-Donetsk, Kiev-Kerch, Poltava-Dnepr will develop.

    The strategy also includes international integration of Ukrainian highways: Go Highway, Via Carpatia, continuation of Odessa-Reni to Greece.

    In the MI, it is expected that by 2030 Ukraine will be able to cross an average of 10 hours from east to west and from north to south.

    In order for new and already built roads not to be destroyed and serve as long as possible, more 100 automatic weighing systems will work on them.

    Also, the MI expects 12 years to significantly improve road safety. In particular, until 2030, there should be zero infant mortality on Ukrainian roads, and injuries are reduced by 90%. In order to secure this from the Road Fund, 35 billion UAH is foreseen.

    Contains strategy and innovations, for example, the construction of intelligent roads for unmanned traffic, the creation of a traffic control system (using Big Data). Also, creation of Smart-road: a pilot way that generates electricity.

    Cars and public transport

    More electric cars and less trucks - so shortly you can formulate the plans of the ministry to the automotive industry.

    According to the strategy, the share of electric cars in Ukraine up to 2030 year should increase to 50% of the market. In addition, the MI is counting on the opening of factories in Ukraine for their production.

    Also, the Ministry is counting on the construction of a Tesla Gigafactory in Ukraine for the production of batteries and solar panels.

    Що ж до вантажівок, в планах збільшення продуктивності автопарку на 35% та зменшення загальної кількості вантажних автомобілів на 22%. Все задля того, щоб покращити українську екологію та розвантажити від фур українські шляхи.

    Intend to count on fleet renewal: cheap business loans should help upgrade the infrastructure with higher productivity.

    Зміни чекають й на систему громадського транспорту. Забути про маршрутки та перейти на неолайнери, пропонують в Міністерстві з лютого. Уряд затвердив зміни до двох постанов, які стосуються порядку проведення конкурсу на регулярних автобусних маршрутах та правил надання послуг на автомобільному транспорті.

    Due to these changes, the free market should lead to the replacement of minibuses on comfortable buses, confident in the ministry.

    By 2030, all public transport will be 100% electric and upgraded.

    Also in the ministry, it is expected that until 2030 year in Ukraine will start a single ticket - for all modes of transport.


    The impressive figure is that 2030 airports in Ukraine should operate in 50 year. These are now 19.

    In the MI, it is estimated that due to this average time of picking up to the airport should be about one hour from anywhere in Ukraine.

    So, until 2030 year, the benefits of air travel should be half the population of the country (now it is 3-4% of the population). In addition, the budget - 50% of air transportation in Ukraine should be a low-cost segment.

    In general, Ukrainians will be able to fly in 350 directions from all airports in Ukraine.

    Not less impressive is the detailed goals for individual airports. For example, the annual passenger flow of the main airport of Borispol should be 36 million passengers, "Lviv" will accept 3,5 million (despite the fact that in 2017, all Ukrainian flights accepted 10,5 million passengers).

    The ministry makes a "bet" to regional airports. At present, 98% of passengers flow to 7 airports.


    "Ukrzaliznytsia" should get rid of the monopoly. The state will have only infrastructure and roadway, the rest (cars, locomotives) will be provided by the state and private players.

    Competition should result in a 100% upgrade of the rolling stock. Collaboration with global companies such as General Electric, Bombardier, Greenbrier and others likewise should help in this.

    Середня швидкість залізниці в Україні до 2030 року повинна становити 150 км/год. зараз середня швидкість українських потягів – 58,2 км/год.

    In addition, plans are to replace the Ukrainian track with a narrower European model. In the MI, they expect to change the tracks in the directions of Kiev-Odessa, Kiev-Lviv, Kiev-Kharkiv, Kiev-Dnepr.

    "These steps will make it possible to bring Ukrzaliznytsya to the top-5 railways of the world by financial indicators," says Drive Ukraine 2030 strategy.

    To all - Ukraine can seriously declare itself as a participant of the New Silk Road project, which requires a transparent and efficient mechanism for customs clearance, a quality system of railways and highways.

    Maritime connection

    There should be a sea "single window" in all Ukrainian ports. This is an information system that will enable you to collect and analyze data on ships in a good order. Also, the Strategy provides for: elimination of corruption component, low tariffs, comfortable logistics.

    The share of cargo serviced by Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea basin is 30%.

    Ukrainian ports in TOP-100 rating of the largest container ports of the world.

    Also, high hopes in the MI relate to the rehabilitation of river transport. By 2030 year, 50 million tons per year must be transported by the Dnieper and other rivers. This, in turn, will assist in unloading Ukrainian roads and reducing trucks.

    Hyperloop and Investments

    The idea, which seemed unrealistic a few years ago, caused a lot of hacking in the network after Omelyan expressed plans for the project in March this year. However, in June, the minister signed a memorandum про співпрацю з компанією Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) у сфері впровадження технології Hyperloop в Україні. Тож жарти стали не настільки жорсткими.

    In case of successful launch of the project, the 5 of the 11 of the global branches of the Hyperloop overhead highway can pass through the territory of Ukraine.

    Three of them are drawn through Kiev:

    - The first will connect China, Europe and Canada;

    - the second one - Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North Africa;

    - the third - Spain and China.

    So from Dnipro and Krivoy Rog on such a vehicle you can reach India, and from Kharkov, Donetsk or Odessa - to America.

    Of course, such ambitious plans are impossible without tremendous funds. In the MI, they expect to attract about $ 60 billion to the transport sector. About half of them are from public funds. The rest want to attract investors and lenders.

    Ukraine is expected to attract world-class companies such as Hutchison Ports, DP World, General Electric, Bombardier, Tesla, Ryanair.

    Also plans to implement the Association Agreement with the EU - this is the approval and implementation of a package of infrastructure legislation, the implementation of EU directives.