Production plant of the national helicopters CT-410 "Combat" started production at the plant "Plant 112 CA"

Photo: Ukrainian interest

Kyiv State Enterprise "Plant 410 Civil Aviation" has started mass production of helicopters CT-112 for a foreign customer.

Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference toDylan Malyasov.

The KT-112 helicopter "Combat" is planned to be manufactured in several modifications for combat and civilian applications.

  • To date, it is known about the construction of a helicopter party for a foreign customer.

    Recall that the KT112UD helicopter (CT112 "Combat") was first introduced as part of the international IDEX-2017 Arms Exhibition Abu Dhabi (OAE).

    The novelty is equipped with two engines Rotax 914 with power 115 hp, which allow to develop speed 200 km / h. The length of the helicopter is 6,97 m, the width is 2,47 m, with a "dry" weight in 570 kg, the maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 1000 kg.

    The KT112UD helicopter (CT112 "Combat") is equipped with a flexible configuration system for guiding and controlling weapons with a gyrostabilized suspension for an infrared camera and a laser target, as well as a tactical radiocomplex and rescue system.

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