Over the past 10 years, collecting broccoli, Peking and cauliflower in Ukraine has grown almost twice


For the last 10 years, collecting broccoli, Peking and cauliflower has grown in 1,7 times, with only over the past three years the volume of cultivation has been added by 15%.

The analysts of the joint FAO-EBRD project "Improving the access of Ukrainian agribusiness to export markets", who conducted a study of the export potential of the fruit and vegetable sector on ukrainefood.org, TransfersAgropolit.com.

The study says that particularly active growth is demonstrated by professional farms. In them for the given period production has doubled - from 900 tons in 2007 year to 2500 tons last year.

  • For the most part it is grown in professional farms on request of processors and trading networks.

    According to experts, this is due to an increase in the consumption of cauliflower and broccoli among the population. Moreover, the segment will show an increase and further, including an increase in the supply of frozen cabbage.

    Not lagging behind broccoli and "pekinka", gaining more and more fields. At the same time, farmers invest more not only in its cultivation, but also in the processing and storage. The ability to properly preserve these products is one of the most important technological moments in the production of Beijing cabbage, because in contrast to the usual whitehead, "pekinku" should be laid in storage facilities with an adjustable gas environment, - said in the study.

    Production of Peking cabbage stimulates demand in foreign markets. Only in the last two seasons exports of this vegetable have doubled, reaching 1500 tons.

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