In Ukraine, the demand for quail meat is growing

  • In Ukraine, along with the increase in the consumption of poultry meat in general, the demand for quail and meat is renewed. Therefore, in this area there are additional opportunities for business.

    Pro-consulting experts say, reports AgroPortal.

    As it is noted, the total bird population, according to the Union of Poultry and Fodder Producers of Ukraine, is 237,3 million head. Against the background of such an amount of poultry, the number of quail, which amounts to 2,5-3,3 million, does not look very convincing.

    The main product of the quail industry is eggs. Each pepper gives about 250-280 eggs per year, and the total volume of Ukrainian quail eggs production is 500-600 million pcs. Less attention to the domestic market is given to quail meat. In a year about 1,2-1,3 tons of such meat are produced as a result of the slaughter of 7-8 thousand quails.

    According to experts, investments in the organization of the quail farm will be € 45-48 thousand, 59% of which will be spent on the purchase of equipment. For the purchase of chickens it is necessary to spend 24% of total investments, 10% of funds will be spent on the purchase of transport vehicles. The remaining 7% of expenses are for other articles, such as legal registration of the enterprise, rent for the premises during the preproject period (1 months), drilling of the water well, etc.