Ukraine has developed a new road map for the effective operation of beekeepers


The new Roadmap for reforming the beekeeping industry will allow the beekeepers to cooperate effectively with the producers.

This was announced by Andrey Zablotskyi, head of the BRDO Agriculture sector, reportsAgravery.

According to the expert, the implementation of these changes will help prevent the death of bees from the poison that is cultivated in rural areas, and through the creation of effective mechanisms for collecting evidence in the event of the death of bee, the injured party will be able to compensate for losses and protect their interests. The proposed legislative changes will also help to simplify the rules for registering apiaries.

  • According to him, opaque rules on the market are causing administrative difficulties for the opening and running of business. For the registration and normal functioning of SMEs, they have to contact 26 once more with public authorities. At the same time, such regulatory burden does not protect honey producers from the negative impact of the use of plant protection products by agricultural producers, which leads to massive death of bees and threatens the destruction of business.

    Such a number of regulatory tools do not give businesses a clear understanding of the rules of conduct in the market and provoke numerous corruption risks. In particular, this concerns the procedure for the use of the veterinary and sanitary passport of the apiary, which is the main document of access to the market. Another important step for the industry is the introduction of insurance for the producers of plant protection products for environmental risks to third parties and the insurance of beekeepers with the risks of their activities, - said Andriy Zablotskyy. - In the roadmap, we propose changes to a number of legislative acts that will allow for stable, positive changes, promote SME development in the regions and establish new export records.

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