Ukrainian scientists have brought white and red grape varieties for the production of high-quality wines

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New domestic varieties of grapes allow you to produce high-quality wines.

TransmitsNational Industrial Portal, With reference toAgroTimes.

Development of scientists of the Institute of viticulture and winemaking them. V. Ya. Tairova in recent years in the direction of selection of technical varieties of grapes have allowed to replenish the variety of Ukraine with white varieties: Zagrey, Aromatny, Iskorka, Yarilo, Selena, used for the preparation of high quality white wine dishes, - said Vyacheslav Vlasov, Director of the Institute.

Among the red grapes of the new generation are perspective, according to him, there is the Odessa pearl, the Magic (early reach) and Otrada (late reach).

It has been established that the grapes of these varieties have a high ability to accumulate and deliver the phenolic and colorants, and thus have the potential to produce high-quality red wines, "Vyacheslav Vlasov emphasized.

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