Ukraine will send 6,3 billion to support the farmers

Photo: Agro-Center

The government has approved a program of support for farmers for 2018 year

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the program of support for the agrarian sector at 2018 year. The total amount of support will increase by 15% and will amount to 6,3 billion hryvnia.

The program provides: compensation for 25% of the cost of acquiring new agricultural machinery and equipment of Ukrainian production; Compensation for part of the body of a loan involved in the construction of livestock complexes; reduction in the cost of maintaining milk cattle in agrarian enterprises at the expense of 1 500 hryvnia / head / year; - Cheaper retention of young animals (up to 1 year) kept in households at a rate of 2,5 thousand hryvnias / head / year; cheaper on 80% of the cost of planting material in gardening and marmot.

  • Transmits National Industrial Portal, citing the Government Portal

    In addition, small and medium-sized farms provide for compensation of 100% of the cost of purchased Ukrainian seed, 90% of the cost of advisory services. Also, this category of agricultural producers will have access to cheap credit resources, and will also take advantage of the additional preferential purchase of Ukrainian agricultural machinery - they will be compensated by 40% of its value;

    As part of the support and development of agricultural servicing cooperatives, the state will co-finance projects implemented in livestock, horticulture, and construction of storage facilities.

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