At the forum "Gardening 3.0", which was held in Kiev, they presented a project for the construction of a processing nut factory

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The enterprise will have the entire cycle of processing nuts - from washing, cleaning, calibration, splitting, packaging to laboratory quality control. Cost of a line of productivity 500 kg / h. And 2 thousand tons / year of nuts - $ 1,5-3 million. The benefits of the project, presented by SmartLands Director T. Basistyuk-Haptar, are complete automation of nuts, rainfall control, and soil moisture levels.

In Ukraine, few grow nuts in an industrial way. Therefore, the production processing capacity is "tied" to the activity of two farms in Pervomaisky district of Mykolayiv region, which already have functioning nut trees. At the SmartLands farm, he was founded in 2010 year, followed by planting trees in 2013. Schematic of the 10 bookmark on 10. Main varieties: Kiskovetsky, Bukovinsky, Chernovetsky, Yarovsky. The farms have a pond on the 1 square, which is used for irrigation. Square under nuts will be expanded.

Negotiations are also underway to buy new gardens or lease them. In the future it is planned to grow cherry, plum, apple.

"Our gardens are already working. Everyone can come and look. We are ready to negotiate with other gardeners so that they will pass on our innovative gardening practice. Many processes are being tested. For example, we formulate informative reports for each plant, define zones with strong watering, zones for strengthening and protection against adverse weather conditions ", - said the representative of SmartLands.

In the future, the capacity will be increased, as the project's authors plan to focus on exports.

"We will build the plant in any case. More or less powerful - not fundamentally, but 2018 let's launch it. In 2019 it will be possible to increase its power in 4-5 times ", - he added.

According to the expert, negotiations are already underway on the possibility of supplying Ukrainian nuts to China.

"There is interest in the construction of such a plant in China, where Ukraine could supply raw materials. However, I would not like to build such a plant in China, it is better to produce a product with value added in Ukraine ", - noted T. Basistyuk-Haptar.

SmartLands is currently looking for investors.

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