AGRI holding "Mriya" in the current year will invest 10 million UAH in the development of its own innovations and research


AGRI holding "Mriya" in the budget for 2018 year for the development of its own innovations and research planned more than 10 million hryvnia.

About this ininterview Agravery.comsaid Oleksandr Khmelyuk, Head of the Agronomical Examination Department of the Agricultural holding "MII".

In particular, about UAH 2,5 million has been allocated for the project of a mixing plant for plant protection products (ZZR) and about 7,65 million for the project on soil quality management.

These amounts are constant, the budget was approved at the beginning of the year. In all cases, funds are allocated by the Holding's Budget Committee after substantiation. The main customer of our technology is our Production Department, - said Alexander Khmelyuk.

  • According to him, in the event of a problem or the need for automation or the search for tools to improve the efficiency of work, the Department of Industry requests a solution to this problem.

    Also, I myself visit many exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad, I see a variety of novelties, respectively, I ask the Production Department whether this technology or service can be useful to them. Now many companies are turning to us with suggestions for testing their technology or products. It also gives us an impetus for development, "Khmelyuk added.

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