Ukrainian Drone: Observer-S


The war in the Donbass has stimulated the development of new technologies and entire directions that the AFU did not exist before. So, by the spring of 2014, there was virtually no such thing as an unmanned aerial vehicle. Now, only a dozen of them are armed, and even more in the front parts of the volunteers.

One of the latest weapons of the Armed Forces for a special period was adopted unmanned aerial system Observer-S, developed by Def C (included in the consortium of Intecracy Group). This is the first and only drone from this company.

  • This is a mini class vehicle with a take-off weight of up to 6,5 kg which is intended for air reconnaissance at a distance of 25-30 km in conditions of combat operations, detection and determination of military equipment coordinates, location of troops, fortified positions of the enemy for targeting, correction of artillery fire at the level tactical link.

    The "highlight" of the complex is an autopilot, which can bring the machine to the target in automatic mode with the possibility of its adjustment in real time. In addition, the equipment provides automatic support for a fixed target.

    For the convenience of exploration of the point goal BplLA has the mode of flying a given point with a given radius, automatically making correction corrections, taking into account the angular velocities of the flight that arise under the influence of atmospheric weather phenomena. Video channel range up to 30 km.

    In automatic mode, calculates the coordinates of the target, which is observed and transmits them to the ground control station. Can work in conjunction with other unmanned aerial vehicles and complexes, or be a repeater.

    Take off from the chassis on an even surface (operator's control), it is possible to launch "from the hand" in which the take-off and set height is carried out in automatic mode.

    The Xenum X meter witch has a payload of 3,4 - 1 kg and flight time up to 1,5 hours. The drive is an electric motor powered by lithium polymer batteries of high capacity.

    The complex was tested at the State Scientific and Testing Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in conditions of use of the radio interference complex (suppression of signals GSM, GPS, GLONASS).

    The design of the drone is based on the combat experience - so, thanks to the modular system, in case of damage to the machine, its repair is carried out in a short time by replacing the elements that are out of order.

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