Thai mortar is from Ukraine


Unfortunately, the issue of self-propelled mortars on the armament of the Ukrainian army is not disclosed at all. There is no single model that would work on an armament. With the fact that our enterprises are able to produce this kind of products.

One of the successful examples is the 120-mm self-propelled mortar BTR-3М2. He was created by engineers of the Kyiv Armored Plant in 2011 year on the basis of BTR-3Е1. In the same year, 7 self-propelled mortar was signed for supply to Thailand's armed forces. Deliveries were made in 2013 - 2015 years.

In addition to the 120-mm mortar (ammunition - 40 mines, laid horizontally in the shelves on the left and right sides), the machine is armed with a 12,7-mm machine gun NSPT, as well as a device for firing 81-mm smoke grenades.

  • As of August 2014 in the presence of the group "Ukroboronprom" were two self-propelled mortars BTR-3M2. Subsequently, they were transferred to the National Guard of Ukraine and are now being armed with the 1 Brigade of Operational Purpose.

    There is also the option of BTR-3M1 81-mm mortar, which was developed under the Thai order, but not commercially produced.

    Combat mass: 16500 kg
    Crew: 4 (commander, driver, gunner, charging)
    Length: 7850 mm
    Width: 2900 mm
    Height on the roof of the body: 2500 mm
    Clearance: at least 420 mm
    Wheel base: 4400 mm
    Track Width: 2410 mm
    Mercedes MTU6R106TD21 326 к.с. або УТД-20 300 к.с.
    Max Highway speed: 100 km / h
    Max Floating speed: 8-10 km / h
    Stream along highway: up to 600 km

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