Aidarovsky version of "Voloshka"


In the course of hostilities in the Donbass, the 82-mm automatic mortar 2B9M "Voloshka" (more famous in the Russian name Vasilek) has proved itself to be a very positive side.

Easy, reliable, mobile and very accurate.

Soviet designers (and a mortar adopted in 1970 year) developed it according to the scheme used to create a cascade artillery cannon, which allowed to fully automate its charging. Shutter opening, charging, charging, shutter closing, and shot are performed automatically. The charging mechanism is activated by using the energy of the powder gases. The shooting can be carried out both in automatic mode and in solitary. Charging mortar belongs to the cassette type - four twisted mines in the cassette.

However, in the context of the mobile war, which is characteristic of Donbass, he has one, but the big problem is mobility. In the Soviet Army, a regular vehicle for a mortar was GAZ-66 or a MT-LB crawler tractor. However, the saturation of the enemy's orders with firefighters required new approaches.

  • In the National Guard, this problem was solved by installing "Voloshok" on the base of MT-LB (by the way Hungarians their existing mortars are installed massively on "Hamvi").

    However, the most interesting option was the installation of 2B9M "Voloshka" on the basis of GAZ-66 craftsmen from the battalion "Aidar".

    Even in the summer fights in Lugansk region, trophy apparatus, which was used very actively, fell into the hands of fighters. When the war moved to the positional phase of one of the fighters came the idea of ​​installing a mortar on the automobile base. There was a kind of GAZ-66 and volunteers. Andrew Strunevich with the advice of hundreds of Maidan at one of the enterprises specially made a platform using a laser cutting, and so on.

    Such a mobile mortar after a fire test was put in a tune. At the end of the 2014 - in the spring of 2015 years, the mortar managed to make a little boil during the battles in the Golden region (Lugansk region). However, after the head of the artillery "Aidar" came the officer, Major Balin mortar was sent to the warehouse.

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