G Suite for Your Business: Benefits and Features of Use in Ukraine

  • The desire of companies to make more efficient and consistent work of the workers leads to the emergence of such products as G Suite.

    G Suite is a suite of cloud-based corporate applications for collaboration. It's not just email and chat, but also video conferencing, social networking, collaborative work on documents, real-time tables, and more.

    Why does G Suite need your business?

    The benefits of using G Suite packages in your business are undeniable. When choosing a particular package, you get a shared user interface, where your employees can work even more smoothly. For example, working with a single document, the changes made by many users simultaneously in Google Docs are easy to build in real-time, and can be immediately discussed between employees through Google Hangouts or in Docs comments.

    G Suite also offers many attractive benefits for beginners, small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the characteristics of the team with strict financial constraints. Service bundles start at just $ 5 per user per month for the G-Suite Basic package, while for Office 365 Business Essentials, you will have to pay a little more than $ 6 per user per month. The slightly upgraded G-Suite Business costs US $ 10 per user per month, and the G Suite Enterprise tariff will cost 25 dollars a month from the user.

    Factor for collaborative work optimization for remote workers is of paramount importance. Ease of use with G Suite means quicker work, whether it is a business step, a financial analysis based on spreadsheets or a press release. G Suite apps are available everywhere, with great functionality on iOS and Android.

    You can schedule meetings by tracking the employment of other employees on a calendar, holding videoconferences without being tied to your workplace.

    You can easily store documents in one safe place in the cloud and access them from your computer, phone, or tablet. Newer versions of files are automatically saved to Drive, so each employee will always have access to relevant documents.

    Your corporate data is always secured with 2-step verification, single sign-on, and mobile management. This will save your data even if you lose your device or dismiss workers.
    You can always change your security settings with the central Admin console, and if you have any questions, you can contact the Google Support team, which works around the clock and on weekends.

    Why is it better to work with G Suite through a partner?

    In Ukraine, an authorized and certified partner for G Suite, Chrome OS and Google for Education is Techsvit, which provides online Goolge Cloud and G Suite services - Gmail, Hangouts, Meet, Vault, Drive, Jamboard, Groups, Sites, Slides, Sheets, Docs. for businesses and educational institutions, as well as providing free trial testing, implementation, configuration, migration, training and support for business clients in Ukraine and the CIS.

    Google recommends that you work with G Suite through a partner, and not directly through Google, because this kind of work gives customers a whole range of benefits. In Ukraine, you can highlight 2's main benefits of working with a partner:

    • Connection of G Suite in Ukraine with non-cash bank payments in UAH.

    By ordering G Suite in Ukraine through Techsvit, you receive a contract for the delivery of G Suite cloud services from a Ukrainian organization with payment through your company's current account, and you also receive a full package of accounting and legal documents (invoice, expense invoice and contract).

    • Qualified technical support at all stages of the robotand.

    Techsvit specialists are certified and advanced G Suite users in Ukraine. Some of the certificates are listed below.

    Each client applies an individual approach, with the ability to solve any existing problems. Techsvit specialists will assist in connecting and configuring G Suite, transferring data from your current system (Zimbra, Zoho, MS Office 365, MS Exhange of all versions, personal Gmail accounts, Yandex, hosting providers and other servers).

    If necessary, it is possible to conduct trainings on working with G Suite for your teams and users, and to train G Suite administrators. Throughout the time of cooperation you can apply for technical and consulting support for your company.

    Techsvit is one of the first resellers of G Suite in Ukraine and the CIS, and during the years of operation they prove their high qualification and level of service, confirming it directly in work and taking part in various conferences:

    Techsvit also introduced the free G Suite for Education for skviranvk.org.ua and other educational institutions in Ukraine.

    Оскільки тенденція до більш ефективної та гнучкої співпраці продовжує поширюватися по всіх підприємствах, G Suite є найкращим рішенням для компаній всіх розмірів XCHARX особливо, якщо дивитися в майбутнє. Для корпоративних клієнтів, бажаючих оцінити переваги рішення G Suite Techsvit пропонує пробний 30-ти денний період тестування. Ви можете надіслати запит на google@techsvit.eu і фахівці компанії допоможуть підключити Вашу компанію або навчальний заклад до G Suite або G Suite for Education.

    If you are interested in this information and you want to learn more, visit Site of Techsvit, an official partner of G Suite in Ukraine