Ukrainian Arsenal: Tank Guided Rocket "Combat"

Kirovata rocket "Combat"
  • The most modern weapon of Ukrainian tankers is the tank-guided missile "Combat" developed by the Kyiv State Design Bureau "Luch".

    The serial launch of missiles was adjusted at the power of the joint-stock holding company Artem at the end of the 1990-ies. The limited party came to the Armed Forces in 1999 year, officially adopted at the 2006 year.

    The main purpose of this missile is to defeat targets that are out of reach of the regular smooth-bore 125-millimeter gun, as well as helicopters. It is possible to shoot at tanks moving at speeds up to 30 km / h, fixed or moving at speeds up to 70 km / h. armored vehicles.

    Launching missiles comes from the smooth-bore gun 125 mm, which is the main weapon of such tanks as T-64BM "Bulat", T-72 AG / B / C, T-80UD, "Oplot-M" and 2А45M "SPRUT-B" . There is a modification of the 100-mm caliber, which can be equipped with tank T-55 and BMP-3.

    The shell has a cumulative tandem warhead: the leading charge is designed to prematurely trigger dynamic protection, as well as to destroy anti-accumulative screens, the main purpose of the main charge - to break through the main armor and destroy the equipment of the enemy.

    The maximum firing range is 5 kilometers, which the "Combat" overcomes in 17,5 seconds, the total weight of the projectile is 33 kilograms. The control of ATPM is semi-automatic under a laser beam. It is very important that during the flight of missiles the laser does not irradiate the target, namely the rocket (the laser beam shines in the "tail" of the rocket and leads it to the target). This method of illumination is fundamentally different in that the enemy has virtually no chance to put an obstacle in the ATP.

    Shots of "Combat" are placed in the conveyor of the charging mechanism in any combination with other shells.

    For the first time abroad, the "Combat" rocket was presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2007 in Moscow.

    The missile had limited export success - at least 400 missiles were delivered to Georgia, a large party went to Pakistan.

    The number of missiles produced for the needs of the National Armed Forces is unknown. At least 50 missiles were procured by the end of 2007 year, 2008 year was allocated 13 million dollars for the purchase of a batch of missiles.

    Production restored with the onset of the war on the Donbass. Only in 2015 year the 380 rockets are delivered to the troops, and purchases continue.

    At the front of this very powerful and valuable weapon for today is not - it (as well as many other things) "hold" in the event of a "great war". There is no specific data on use in combat, but there is unofficial information that several rockets were used by the 1's "Bulatov" crews of a separate tank brigade during the 2014 summer campaign.

    Tactical and technical characteristics:

    - Starting weight of the rocket - 33 kg;
    - Range of flight - 5000 m;
    - Flight to target - 17,5 s;
    - Type of combat unit - cumulative tandem;
    - Average flight speed - 315 m / s;
    - Homing system - semi-active laser.


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