Ukrainian Arsenal: Sniper Rifle UR-10

UR-10 rifle
  • The Sniper War in the Donbass requires military leadership to step up the sniper component of our troops. And if the situation with the large-caliber rifles is slowly being corrected due to supplies from the US, then in the bulk of the army - all rifles are still sad. Most snipers are still armed with Soviet Dragunov rifles for the 1963 year. As of 2015 year in Ukraine there were 10 thousand units of such weapons.

    The situation should change radically with the adoption of the "first swallow" - self-loading sniper semi-automatic rifle UR-10.

    This is the first result of cooperation between the State Enterprise "Ukroboronservis" and the American company Aeroscraft. In fact, it is re-armed with the Soviet cartridge, the American automatic rifle AR-10.

    With a mass of 5 kg, its length, depending on the sample (MagPul PRS type with adjustable cheek and retractable collar) ranges from 103 to 124 cm. The target range of damage - up to 1200 meters (note that the SVD hits 800 meters).

    Chromed inside the trunk (most likely of American origin) is made of stainless steel and has a guaranteed resource for 7000 shots. The rifle has a comfortable design - yes, it can be disassembled into two parts, which reduces its dimensions and provides compactness during transportation. Due to automation at the outlet of powder gases, it was possible to carry out a 21 shot per minute.

    The box lid has a Picatini-type rail for sightseeing and other accessories.

    The number of purchased rifles, the degree of localization of production is unknown at present.

    We are currently awaiting the adoption by the Armed Forces of another joint project with Aeroscraft - the automatic carabiner M4 - WAC-47.

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    1. This is probably the karma of Ukraine? Such a rifle in America costs one piece, Zboyar sells it "a little" more. In any case, there is nothing to surprise. This weapon of the twentieth century. Of course, in conditions of general idiocy and MEGA corruption, to raise a weapons factory in Kiev from scratch is the National Feat! I enjoyed watching the commercial about the plant. Unsubscribed on the site of the plant countrymen, offered cooperation in the development of these two platforms. They did not even answer. Probably not read. Or do not want to make weapons of the XXI century. Well, it's great that the Motherland does not need anything and everything is fine.


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