Ukrainian Arsenal: American Harrisons

  • The war on the Donbass showed that one of the most important elements of the modern battle is digital radio communication.

    Therefore, due to the experience of conducting military operations in the Armed Forces, significant changes were made in the military radiocommunication system. The most ambitious project was the purchase of Harris Falcon II and Falcon III field-based radio stations of American production. Interestingly, in the troops they are all called "harissons" - apparently in honor of the famous actor Harrison Ford.

    The Falcon III RF-7800H-MP costs more than a million hryvnias, so they buy a little bit, but the "younger" Harris Falcon II RF-5800H-MP and Harris Falcon IIRF-9600H-MP in some units are present even to the corporate level.

    For our military procurement of these stations - this is a great progress, which leads the system of troop control to a new level. For example, now there is an opportunity to deploy a secure (encryption algorithm to AES-256 - it is guaranteed stability) and is resistant to radio electronics (due to pseudorandom rebuilding of the operating frequency) of the radio network.

    And not only for voice communication, but also for data transmission. In particular, it is possible to organize a peer-to-peer network that does not have a vulnerable central node and which will combine stations at distances of tens and hundreds of kilometers. Although the data transfer rate will be small - up to 120 kbps, this will be enough for a mail server that can route mail between stations, as well as for the Harris Tactical Chat program, where you can exchange text messages in real time.

    Interestingly, we use these radio stations not for the main purpose - in the United States it is a field "horse" that a battler fights with in a backpack, and this is actually a command-and-head station.

    By the way, the effectiveness of the new technology has already been evaluated by militants at the front. In addition, in social networks, they constantly complain about the impossibility of listening to the air, but there are also concrete proposals in several tens of thousands of dollars for the carcass of "harisson".


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